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Founding Members

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Researchers Members

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Temporary Members

Who are the  CIMEEP's members ?


The Centro Internacional e Multidisciplinar de Estudos Épicos of Universidade Federal de Sergipe adds in its Research Groups (RGs) researchers from various brazilian and foreign universities, whose links with the GTs are based on common interest in the thematic lines of research proposed .


The participation of researchers in the CIMEEP/UFS starts from approval of entry proposal (such as member researcher or temporary member) submitted directly to the coordination a GT. Given the multidisciplinary nature of CIMEEP , the number of GTs can be amplified through a proposal to create a new GT. The process will be appreciated by the founding members, which will aprove or not the proposal.

Membership involves the commitment with exchange of information about researches and events; participation (when possible) in colloques, seminars or conferences promoted by CIMEEP; supply of data, texts and informations to CIMEEP's site; participation in CIMEEP publications; participation in virtual meetings that will later be deployed by CIMEEP as a way to allow relative constancy in contact between members. However, they will be welcome special agreements with other universities in order to prepare partnership events, to publish scientific texts, etc. . Funds for the implementation of the activities proposed by the covenants may be an individual initiative of the researchers or an initiative of the CIMEEP by itself.

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